Sunday, April 5, 2009

Over the past two weeks the Sports Squad has had the opportunity to play Ultimate Frisbee. Luckily enough one of Tash's friends, Deno, came in to teach us the rules of the sport. Once we got the main idea and were able to pass the frisbee correctly, we had a few rounds against each other. Now that the Sports Squad have learnt how to play Ultimate Frisbee, we hope to teach our fellow classmates about this sport. Now we will share with you some of the rules. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport which involves some Netball and American Football skills. There is a score area at each end of the field in which you need to catch the frisbee on the full and that's were your Gridiron skills come in (American football). You are not allowed to run with the frisbee or hit the frisbee out of the players hands and that's were your netball skills come in. The Sports Squad enjoyed this term and hope that next term is going to be just as good.

by Jessica and August

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sports squad 09

So far we have been to the Black Caps cricket training at the Basin Reserve. That was very exciting. On Thursday 26th March, we are going to participate in a Celebrity Challenge running event at Nairneville Park, so Renata is helping us learn how to sprint. Next week on Wednesday the school is going to be having the annual swimming sports where every child is expected to participate in this event. At the end of it we're going to be having the teacher vrs student relay, which the students mostly win! By Aidan and Logan

Sports Squad Members, Back from Left to Right, Front from Left to Right: Logan Jeffries,
Chris Andrews, Renata Mahuika, Dominick Baguioro, Aidan Hallett, Amira El Orfi, Brittany Antipas, Alex Gooch, Jessica Just, Anna Caudwell, Jan Earle. Absent: August Gould